The story behind a jar of good honey

BEE+ maintains the high quality of its honey by adhering to the philosophy of “From tree to table”. The long hours of scientific research and dedication have resulted in the precious and beneficial BEE+ Mānuka Honey.


Product Traceability

Rare because of its exclusive access to the natural Mānuka forest located in the Wairarapa, a region in the North Island of New Zealand.
Rare because of its unique, temperate climate and mineral-rich soil.
Rare because of annual flowering period of Mānuka trees is short, between 6 to 8 weeks betweeen September and March.
Rare because of BEE+ exclusive, eight-step beekeeping method.


“BEE+ is New Zealand’s dreamy product and we are proud that BEE+ Mānuka Honey is going from New Zealand to China and the world.”

— John Key Former Prime Minister of New Zealand