The geography of New Zealand sits at 40.57 degrees south latitude, making it the most perfect climate for high-density natural Mānuka forests in the world.
Collecting honey during this period when the Manuka flower bud contains the most concentrated nectar.
Manufacturing with one of the highest UMF indexes in the world at UMF™30+.
This is why we obtain our high-quality BEE+ Mānuka honey.


A bee will fly as far away as 8kms for food

Mānuka only flowers for 6-8 weeks per year


Every jar of Mānuka honey produced is certified by a laboratory. Unique Mānuka Factor (UMF™) is an internationnaly recognised and independent certified grading system for Mānuka honey. UMF™ tests for the four key elements of Mānuka honey: Potency, Authenticity, Purity and Freshness. No other honey undergoes such rigorous testing.

The UMF™ certification originated in New Zealand and is the key to identifying high-quality Mānuka honey. Only high-quality New Zealand Mānuka honey has the UMF™ certification mark*.

BEE+ uses an exclusive world-class “beekeeping eight-step training system”. This methodology ensures that BEE+ Mānuka honey is handcrafted quality and retains purity.


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