BEE+ Manuka Honey

Enjoying the rare natural gift from New Zealand’s North Island

Bee+ UMF-20+

BEE+ Mānuka Honey Premium UMF™30+ 

Rare and limited edition

A special collector’s item

Bee+ UMF-20+

BEE+ Mānuka Honey UMF™ 20+
Potent protection of gut health


BEE+ Mānuka Honey UMF™ 15+
Deeply nourishes the digestive system


BEE+ Mānuka Honey UMF™ 10+

Deeply digestive health care 


BEE+ Mānuka Honey UMF™ 5+
Daily and gentle digestive care

BEE+ Q & A

1. Q: What is the UMF certification for BEE+ Manuka honey?


A: UMF™ means Unique Mānuka Factor. Only Mānuka honey brands that are tested and proven to contain this ingredient can use the certification mark. The higher the UMF™ value, the higher the content of active factors. In recent years, UMF™ certification has become the gold standard for identifying pure Mānuka honey. This certification actually provides proof that the brand has been third party certified, which guarantees the quality of the product.

2. Q: What groups of people is BEE+ Mānuka honey contraindicated in?

A: BEE+ Mānuka Honey is a natural product with no artificial additives and is suitable for most people. However, Mānuka honey is contraindicated in the following groups of people: Children under the age of 1 year, people with honey allergies and diabetics.

3. Q: Can BEE+ Mānuka honey with a higher UMF™ value soothe gastroinestinal discomfort?

A: Yes. We recommend honey products based on the UMF™ content to different groups, but there are no strict criteria for differentiation. In fact, honey with a high UMF™ value is better for most people, except for the contraindicated group mentioned above.

4. Q: Why does Manuka honey get darker as time goes?

A: The shape, taste and texture of Mānuka honey vary by season, source and batch. This is because Mānuka honey is a natural food. It is easily affected by different climatic and geographical conditions in which nectar sources are located. However, Mānuka honey is of the same good quality regardless of the different properties, consistencies and colors.

5. Q: The packaging seems to be different. Why was there a need to change it?

A: BEE+ has always been committed to producing the highest quality Manuka honey and has been deeply trusted and supported by consumers. Now, we have introduced a new packaging and image: a pure black background with noble gold lines, a refined bottle design, and a brand-new image, all of which better highlight the unique and rare high-quality brand personality of BEE+ Manuka honey.

Different product lines will gradually be transitioned to the new packaging.