BEE + Mānuka Honey is safe, natural and high quality. Every bottle is a pure gift from New Zealand

New Zealand's good honey with double certifications

Product Certification


UMF™ Certification

UMF™ certification is the key to distinguishing Mānuka honey from ordinary honey. UMF™ stands for Unique Mānuka Factor, a compound contained in Mānuka honey that has powerful and unique healing properties.
BEE+ Mānuka Honey has been rigorously inspected by the Unique Mānuka Factor Honey Association (UMF™HA) and only Mānuka honey that has reached a certain factor can use the UMF™ label. BEE+ always conducts four separate rigorous tests to ensure the high quality of natural Mānuka honey.


MGO Certification


MGO, short for Methylglyoxal, is an active ingredient found in Mānuka honey by Professor Thomas Henle from Germany. It is one of the indicators used to identify good quality Mānuka honey.

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Quality Certification


UMF™ Association Certification

Mānuka honey represents the natural environment of New Zealand. The UMF™HA was founded in New Zealand to conduct certification based on UMF™ values with the aim of guaranteeing natural superiority and irreplaceability of Mānuka honey with the unique ingredient of UMF™.


FernMark endorsed by the New Zealand Government

The Silver Fern is the “national leaf” of New Zealand that carries the core of its national identity. FernMark, with the Silver Fern as its symbol, represents the highest production standard in New Zealand.


BRC Certification

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) is an important international trade association that has developed the BRC Food Technical Standard in response to industry needs to assess the safety of retailers’ private-brand foods. Today, it is an internationally recognized food certification that is used not only to evaluate retailers’ suppliers but also to help many companies establish their own supplier evaluation systems and product production standards.


Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Certification

The Food and Drug Administration or FDA is the highest law enforcement agency authorized by the United States Congress. It is also a government health control monitoring agency comprised of professionals such as doctors, lawyers, microbiologists, chemists and statisticians that is dedicated to protecting, promoting and improving people’s health.


Kosher Certification

BEE+ Mānuka Honey has also obtained the Kosher Certificate, which guarantees that BEE+ products comply with the regulations for products related to the Kosher diet.


RMP Certification

Brands with RMP (Risk Management Programmes) certification should make their products receive regular sampling inspection. They should build fully sealed low-temperature workshop and meet food-grade production and storage and transportation standards, and their production raw materials must be purchased from formal channels where certificates of origin and quarantine certificates are issued.


HALAL Certification


HALAL certification is awarded to products that meet the living habits and needs of Muslims.