Exploring the secret to every drop of BEE+ Manuka Honey from the source

Manuka honey is sourced from natural Manuka trees and every drop can be traced. Located in inaccessible primeval forests in New Zealand’s North Island, BEE+ equips each hive with a GPS system to make each BEE+ product can be traced. Every link “FROM TREE TO TABLE” is subject to strict control. BEE+ brings New Zealand’s purest “liquid gold” to consumers around the world.

Make eating good quality Manuka honey become your habit and have a high-quality life from now on.

If it’s too hard to maintain a healthy and disciplined pace of life,

start with a glass of delicious BEE+

– Morning hours are the best start of a day –

Start the good time of a day with Manuka honey and nutritious breakfast


– Busy afternoon –

Enjoy a good rest in the afternoon with BEE+ Manuka Honey


– Under the stars –

BEE+ Manuka Honey can calm your nerves and ensure a good sleep

We are the porter of natural Manuka honey