BEE+ Manuka Honey

Guarding the health of your stomach and intestines

BEE+ UMF13 Manuka Honey Lozenges

Refresh and protect your throat

Gift for health

Defending your stomach every day

BEE+ has searched the world for pristine land and finally built 50,000 acres of Manuka forest in New Zealand’s North Island,
just to give you a taste closer to nature

London Honey Awards

BEE+ Manuka Honey


London International Honey Award originated in the UK and is now an internationally renowned honey quality competition with global influence and authority. A panel of over 20 professional judges evaluates all aspects of a honey brand, including honey sources, beekeepers, production lines, honey texture and taste. Each of them performs blind tests on over 40 honey brands to select the best quality honey brand.

In the 2020 London International Honey Award, BEE+, representing New Zealand’s natural environment, was a highlight, with Manuka Honey UMF10+ winning the Gold Award. Boasting New Zealand’s national treasure-class Manuka honey, BEE+ produces excellent honey with great perseverance. With its superior quality and the Gold Award, BEE+ Manuka Honey is a good choice for you.


Widely acclaimed—BEE+ Manuka Honey Lozenges (Propolis)

With alcohol, tobacco, air pollution and spicy food in modern life, a clear and natural voice has become a “luxury”.

Your throat needs more care than you think. Combined with the natural properties of Manuka honey, BEE+ Manuka Honey Lozenges can satisfy all your throat’s needs. 6% ultra-pure Manuka honey helps you recover your original voice. Such a refreshing natural treat is waiting for you to discover.

BEE+ Manuka Honey Lozenges has a variety of flavors, including the recently widely acclaimed propolis flavor. In addition to rare UMF13+ Manuka honey, the product also contains natural black propolis in New Zealand, which is a combination of 300 natural substances, 10 minerals, 8 flavonoid compounds and 5 B vitamins, also known as nature’s “purple gold”, with two rare natural ingredients protecting your throat.

Manuka Honey

BEE+ Moon Festival Limited Edition Gift Set 

BEE+ Moon Festival Limited Edition Gift Set is the best choice for greetings in this festival of missing families and wishing them healthy. Choosing BEE+ that is based on the natural environment of New Zealand can pass on healthy to families and friends, making this Mid-Autumn Festival full of sweet memories.