BEE+ Manuka Honey Gift Set

The happiest moment in life is to share sweetness with people you love


BEE+ Moon Festival Limited Edition Gift Set

Guarding the health of your stomach

-Gift is the essence of holidays, and BEE+ has built a conceptual framework for healthy gifts with professionalism. Well-selected BEE+ Moon Festival Limited Edition Gift Set is the best choice for you to express good will.

-BEE+ has made gift sets with different specifications and UMF values including UMF5+, UMF10+ (with two bottles), UMF15+ (with two bottles) and UMF20+ (with two bottles) targeting different users to make gifts suitable for different people.

-This is a good choice for healthy gifts and uses the golden quality to guard the health of family, friends and relatives




BEE+ Classic Gift Set

Expressing good will by guarding health and cheering for life

-A well-matched gift is the seasoning of life and promotes the communication of hearts between people. BEE+ helps draw the distance between each other close and express your good will by guarding health.

-BEE+ matches customized gift sets with Manuka Honey UMF15+ and Manuka Honey UMF20+. The exquisite package of premium honey makes natural and high-quality honey with high UMF value be usually enjoyed in life.